Artham P. Wingfeather (Peet the Sock Man)
Peet the Sock Man

Castle Rysen, Anniera


Throne Warden of Anniera





Hair color:

Black (formerly)

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Artham P. Wingfeather is the firstborn of the royal Wingfeather family of Anniera.  Normally, this would mean he would be king, but in Anniera, there is a different system.  The second-born, boy or girl, is destined to be ruler, who, in this case, was Esben Wingfeather. The firstborn is given the title of Throne Warden, and their duty is to protect the King or Queen at any cost.

Children in Anniera are also expected to learn their T.H.A.G.S., Three Honored And Great Subjects, Writing, Drawing, and Song. (Some people argue that there are four Honored And Great Subjects, but those mathematicians are woefully mistaken.)  The firstborn is taught Writing, the second-born Drawing, and if there is a third, he or she is taught Song.  If there are four or more royal children, they are given the title of storyteller, and wander the wide world of Aerwiar telling tales of Anniera.

As Artham and Esben were growing up, a nameless evil (named Gnag the Nameless) attacked Anniera, reducing it to a burning pile of rubble.  The Shining Isle still burns to this day.  Artham and Esben were captured and taken to a place where a beautiful woman named the Stonekeeper was waiting for them.  She offered them a choice.  Sing her song and be transformed into their true form that was locked away inside of them, or wait and rot in the cells until they would sing.

The brothers resisted, but as time wore on, Esben eventually gave into the Stonekeeper’s offer, sang the song, and was transformed into a horrible, ugly bear-like monster.  Artham, heartbroken at being unable to protect his younger brother, gave in to the Stonekeeper’s request as well, but changed his mind halfway through the song.  This interruption led to Artham losing his mind, and transforming only halfway into a birdlike creature, with reddish three fingered claws instead of hands. Artham fled from their prison, and the shame of leaving Esben also contributed to his insanity.

Having no idea where to find Esben, Artham did the next best thing, tracking down Nia and her children, who would someday be the next rulers of Anniera, if it could be reclaimed.  However, in his state of insanity, he was not safe to be near them, and retreated into the forest near their town of Glipwood, building a house hidden among the trees in order to stay safe from the ghastly Toothy Cows.  He used socks to cover his shameful claws, and earned the name of Peet the Sock Man from the townsfolk.

Some time and many adventures after this, Artham completed his song with the Stonekeeper, but instead of becoming a dumb animal, he was given wings and more human-like hands, as well as the return of his sanity.

Categories About Artham

Artham P. Wingfeather
Peet the Sockman

Eyes: Blue/Gray
Hair: Gray
Age: Unknown, but somewhere in his late 30s/early 40s.

A Throne Warden's DutyEdit

A Throne Warden is the title given to the firstborn child the Annieran royal family. Throne Wardens are charged with the most important duty in the land, to protect their younger sibling who will grow to be the King or Queen of Anniera. The Throne Wardens usually stay very close to their King's side.